Seminar #1
Building Innovative Micro Art Institutions in the Periphery: How & for whom?
September 26th 2023 12:00 -16:00
Stormen Bibliotek, Litteratursalen. Bodø, Norway.

In recent decades, global developments have reshaped the international art scene, challenging the traditional center-periphery divide. This seminar series explores how cultural institutions respond to societal changes and encourages dialogue on new models for presenting art. It also examines the impact of collaborations between small institutions and international artists. The goal is to gain historical insights and address the complex challenges faced by art institutions today.

Seminar #2
Artists and Curators Working Together: How and With Whom?
February 15th-16th 2024
Helsinki, Finland

This seminar will focus on the relationships between artists and curators. From viewing these relationships through the perspective of power dynamics, care, and sharing, the discussions during the seminar will raise questions about how artists and curators, as cultural agents, shape, manage, and nurture these collaborative relationships.   

Seminar #3
Experimental Methods of Sustainable Future in the production of exhibitions. What, Where, How & Why ?
25th-26th June 2024
Arles, France

The seminar encourages exploring new methods for producing photographic exhibitions and planning a sustainable future through innovative formats and experimentation. It seeks to answer the question: How do these innovative formats and experiments radically transform the production of photographic exhibitions, proposing not only to reflect in our methods but, more crucially, in our understanding of the current environmental crisis, thereby reimagining a path aligned with this urgent challenge.