The upcoming series of exhibitions will be meticulously orchestrated by three distinctive pairs, each comprising an artist and a curator. The formation of these duos took place during the project's preliminary phase, with their composition carefully selected by project partners and a board responsible for suggesting potential artists. Invitations to create this duos were extended directly to artists based on their past experiences and the relevance of their work to the chosen exhibition theme. Each artist, in turn, invited a curator to collaborate with them. During the time of the program they will be working alongside a team of exhibition designers. Prior to executing the exhibitions, each team actively engaged in online meeting, physical seminars and art laboratories held in Bodo, Helsinki, and Arles.All the works featured in these exhibitions will be exclusively commissioned for this project, ensuring a genuinely unique and innovative perspective.

Through three solo exhibitions presented during the Out of the Metropolis program at NŌUA in Bodø, Norway in 2024, we present the first duo artists Batia Suter (CH) together with Francesca Marcaccio (IT).

Through a collaboration with the world renowned Bodø- based architect Sami Rintala and his team, the artists and curators will create exhibitions under construction - using the exhibition space to unfold new stories, situations and realities through innovative exhibition design, unconventional use of materials and spatial thinking.

For this year's program the first duos is :

Batia Suter (CH) + Francesca Marcaccio (IT)

The other duos will be announced soon ...