Through three solo exhibitions presented during the Out of the Metropolis program at NŌUA in Bodø, Norway in 2024, we present the artists Batia Suter (CH), Steffi Klenz (DE) and Smith (FR), together with three respective curators.

The artists are through their work forging explorations of unknown worlds, with new cartographies through images of what never were and images of imaginary futures. New focal points are constructed, in which new terrains are sketched out, creating groundworks for a new kind of atlas.

Through a collaboration with the world renowned Bodø- based architect Sami Rintala and his team, the artists will create exhibitions under construction - using the exhibition space to unfold new stories, situations and realities through innovative exhibition design, unconventional use of materials and spatial thinking. Established image structures are through the exhibitions scrutinised - the photograph becomes a scientific instrument, a document, a memorial, a metaphor and a myth - creating new logics and values. 


Batia Suter (CH) + Francesca Marcaccio (IT/HK)

Steffi Klenz (DE) + Micheal Raymond (UK)

Smith (FR) + Taous Dahmani (FR/UK/DZ)

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