Out of the Metropolis - Art exchange across borders is a three-year project that aims to explore and support insight and innovation in the field of co-creation and circulation of visual art, and in particular contemporary photographic practices, across borders.

The project aims to increase possibilities of transnational art production by generating and providing innovative methods of production and presentation of visual art in the peripheries, thus, enabling artists to move to, and work outside of major cities.

The project aims to explore topics around:

- Innovative forms of micro art institutions in the peripheries in Europe;

- New and experimental methods for production and presentation of contemporary photography through dynamic art exhibitions;

- Transnational mobility and exchange of art between institutions and across borders;

- New forms of collaborations with international artists, curators and exhibition designers.

The topics will be explored through:

- Art-based research through three seminars and roundtable discussions in Bodø/Norway, Helsinki/Finland and Arles/France, that allow us to discuss and share new methodologies with a larger European audience.

- Art productions presented through three exhibitions in NOUA, Norway, by teams of international artists, curators and exhibition designers, exploring new formats of exhibiting art.

- Documenting, reflecting and summarising the findings in an open-source web platform as well as essays and visual documentation in a printed publication - to support future research and artistic development.

Three exhibitions will be produced throughout the project duration, by investigating and challenging the established forms of how photographic exhibitions are produced and presented, and by involving artists that embrace conceptualisation, experimentation and innovation in displaying their work. Through collaborative teams, the exhibitions will embrace spatial architectures for exhibition spaces, building new connections between the audience and the artworks by thinking on exhibition-making as a critical practice. We see art and culture as a motivator and a catalyst for growing and developing small communities. By making art of a high international level available for a larger audience, and by allowing local audiences to experience art in the periphery of Europe, new arenas for dialogue, participation and reflection will be created.

Out of the Metropolis is initiated as a collaboration between NOUA (NO), Doubledummy (FR) and Finish Museum of Photography (FI).

Out of the Metropolis is made possible with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Out of the Metropolis always think about the environment.
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