Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger
Museum Director at the Finnish Museum of Photography

Head of publication

Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger, PhD, currently shares her working hours with two institutions: University of the Arts Helsinki and the Finnish Museum of Photography. She works both as the Professor of Exhibition Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, being responsible for the MA program for curatorial and exhibition studies, Praxis. She works as the director of the Finnish Museum Photography. She is also is co-founder and artistic director and of The Festival of Political Photography, which seeks to examine what the word ”political” means in contemporary extended photographic practices. Rastenberger has extensive experience in exhibition projects, curating practices, and the international exhibition scene of the contemporary arts. She has published widely about contemporary photography. In 2018 she co-edited a widely praised book Why Exhibit? Positions On Exhibiting Photographies, 2018, FW:books.