Steffi Klenz
Guest Artist

Duo Michael Raymond

Steffi Klenz is an artist based in London who approaches photography as an expanded visual discipline. Her practice is fundamentally concerned with challenging conventional conceptions of architectural representation. Unlike conventional architectural photography, which uncritically flatters its architectural subject matter, Klenz revisits the capacities of the photographic image and architecture to go beyond containing and reproducing the built environment but instead her work bridges the gap between the flat surface of the photograph and the spatial experience of architecture.   Klenz takes great care in finding fitting and ambitious final form for her conceptual projects via books, exhibitions and exciting collaborations. Her agility of thinking is reflected in the ways in which she combines disparate references in her work, and also in the interesting ways in which she adapts it to the site in which it is exhibited.   She has exhibited her work across the UK and internationally. Selected galleries include The British Museum, The Royal Scottish Academy, The Royal Academy in London, The Wellcome Collection London, Camden Art Centre, The Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Los Angeles Centre for Digital Arts, The Finnish Museum of Photography, The FotoMuseum Antwerp, Kunstverein Ludwigshafen and Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin. Her work was part of the Biennale for Contemporary Photography in Germany in 2020, The International Biennale for Photography in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) in 2021, The Biennale for Electronic Language and Technology in Sao Paulo (Brazil) in 2022 and most recently the 2023 Tokyo Biennale.   She is Reader in Photography at the School of Fine Art and Photography at the University for the Creative Arts in Canterbury.