Marianne Hultman
Director North Norwegian Art Centre

Guest Speaker in Bodø

Marianne Hultman is a highly experienced and accomplished professional in the art world, particularly in the field of curatorial and management roles within contemporary art institutions. Her extensive background in art history, mediation, and curatorial studies, along with her years of experience, showcases her dedication and expertise in promoting and curating art exhibitions. Her involvement in various local, national, and international projects demonstrates her commitment to fostering artistic exchanges and collaborations across different scales. In addition to her work in the art world, Hultman's engagement in the political arena through her involvement with Kunsthallene i Norge showcases her broader perspective on the cultural and societal impacts of small and medium-sized contemporary art institutions. Her engagement in establishing a European network for contemporary art centers highlight her aspiration to emphasizing the importance of small and medium-sized art institutions in the cultural landscape on a broader geographical scale. Marianne Hultman's background and accomplishments reflect a dedicated professional who not only curates and manages exhibitions but also actively works to elevate the status of contemporary art institutions and artists on both a national and international level.